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If you are looking for lessons in County Durham please get in touch and I will forward your email to two colleagues who are teaching in the area (one has taken over my old workshop and the other teaches near the coast).

Handknitted Pottery is no longer in Esh Winning as Hugh is moving to Ullapool in the north west Highlands - contact me if you might want to do lessons there.


Have you always wanted to learn pottery,

or do you fancy just having a go?


Ceramics is a great way to explore your creativity or just making lovely items for your home.

The first decision is whether to do throwing or handbuilding.

Lessons and courses can be bought for you or as a gift -  if buying as a gift you can call in for a voucher or Hugh will post it at no extra cost.

Hndknitted Pottery is an LGBTQ friendly space.




individual lessons only - one or two people

individual lessons - three people maximum

 Throwing on the wheel is almost mesmerising.

Of course it takes a lot of practice to perfect, but Hugh will get you throwing small bowls on your first go.

Once you have learnt the techniques, making pottery is incredibly fast on the wheel and it's really the only way to get perfectly round handmade pieces.

Throwing really needs to be taught individually or in very small groups.

Please note that Hugh only teaches throwing to adults and children 14 and over. Younger children are very welcome to do handbuilding. This restriction is partly a matter of size and strength - you need this to centre the clay.


This is everything not done on the wheel, for example pinch pots, slab pots, coil pots etc.

The nice thing about handbuilding is that everyone can make something straight away.

Handbuilding is also suitable for younger children, unlike throwing where you need a bit of weight and good concentration.

In the studio the extruder can be used to make perfect coils in no time. No more rolling your own uneven coils!


£45 per hour for one person (or two people sharing)

(this is the total cost, not per person).


One or 1.5 hours recommended for a 'taster'. Four or eight hours suggested as a course.

Note that the 2, 4 and 8 hour courses are not in one go.

Recommended maximum of 2h (ideally an hour and three quarters) at a time.

All lessons include materials and kiln firings, and tea or coffee.

Throwing is done on one wheel, so taking turns. This works very well for two people as you learn from watching as well as doing.

If three people want to do a throwing lesson this is possible as long as you don't mind more waiting turns. The cost for three people taking turns on the wheel is also £45/hour.

It's possible on longer courses to split the time between throwing and handbuilding.

handbuilding lessons: £22.50 per person per hour

(minimum £45 per hour)

Everyone doing handbuilding can make things at the same time (not taking turns as in throwing lessons).

All lessons include materials and kiln firings, and tea or coffee is available.





vouchers available for any amount of time from one hour up - I suggest an hour or 1.5h as a starter lesson, or 4-8h as a course.

Give one as a unique present!

Contact me here to book or discuss your requirements. Other lessons, e.g. a one-off for a group, may be possible.



jug and mug




pottery made by students