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Regular Mugs

£ 13.00 each

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This regular sized mug was hand thrown in stoneware and is available in Handknitted Pottery's Ocean Blue and River Green.

The Ocean Blue mugs and the River Green mugs have a slightly brown rim - this is where the glaze is thinner and potters call this effect 'breaking'.

There is also a new variant to the Ocean Blue glaze - "Blue with throwing lines". Unless they are flattened deliberately, all handthrown pottery tends to have some throwing lines visible, made by fingers travelling up the vessel as it spins on the wheel  - in this glaze variant the throwing lines are kept visible, which works really well with the blue as the glaze 'breaks' over the throwing lines.

 Approximate dimensions:

height diameter capacity
10cm 9.5cm 300ml

The mugs are all dishwasher safe. The pistachio glaze is not suitable for microwaves.

The photos may not show the actual item you will receive but it will be very similar. All Handknitted Pottery mugs are individually made, so they will have slight variations.

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