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Caving Pottery is part of Handknitted Pottery and sells handmade ceramics with a caving theme. If you're looking for the fancy non-caving pottery please click here.

My specialist pottery is decorated with various designs including rigging topos, caving equipment and cartoons. Contact details are here if you can't find what you need. 


The Caving Pottery:

£ 10.00 - £ 13.00 each Alum Pot Mugs
£ 13.00 each Stalactite Mugs
£ 13.00 each Bat mugs
£ 13.00 each Gaping Gill mugs
£ 13.00 each Rowten Pot Mugs
£ 13.00 each Jammer mugs
£ 13.00 each Speleo mug
£ 13.00 each Lost John's Mugs

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